The difference between healthy food and healthy exercise is that you can get other people to make the healthy food for you while you have to do the exercise yourself. So why not do it? If you do not want to cook, then get a healthy takeaway instead. And use the extra time and energy to exercise more.

The healthy Nedlands takeaway is a very smart strategy if you live in a bigger city, if you are single, and if you don't have children living at home. The bigger the city you live in, the better the range of healthy, tasty, and cheap takeaway food.

The more single you are, the less motivated you are to cook just for yourself. Or maybe you need someone who will cook for you. If you don't have children or if your children are not living at home then you are less likely to have the motivation to cook.

It is well documented from sociological research that cooking is a social phenomenon. If you eat alone, you are not very motivated to cook. I only make food on the days when my children are staying with me. On the other days I more or less always go for the healthy takeaway. I would never cook only for myself. I have made calculations and found out that it is actually cheaper and healthier for me that I pick up food instead of cooking.

Picking up food is often what motivates me to exercise on days when I'm really lazy. I need something to eat, and so I might as well walk over to the takeaway place – maybe even take a small detour to have a look around, now that I have come out.

When I have guests, I usually also serve takeaway, because cooking unfortunately doesn't interest me, and I'm not particularly good at it. But I have great respect for people who like cooking.

Nutritionally cooking is especially important to get a sufficient amount and variety of vegetables. Other healthy foods can be eaten almost directly from the package without any special preparation, for example, whole meal bread, fish products, and fruit. But most vegetables taste very boring without being cooked.