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Many people love spending time with kids, which is why they choose child care as their career. In addition to the joy, it brings you the opportunity to save taxes as well. You can claim deductions on various expenses you make towards completing your job. Here’s the list of all that you can claim:

  • Materials and Equipment for Work: Like any other job, the child care professional might also need to have some materials and equipment. Usually, parents spend for buying such things most of the time. However, you might need to use your money for items like toys, food, prizes, teaching materials, and musical instruments. So, if you are not reimbursed the cost of such items used for work, you can claim a deduction using proper receipts.
  • Clothing: Some companies require their workers to wear branded uniforms at work. This might require you to buy your clothing yourself. And if you are paying money for that, claim a deduction for the same in your tax return. Even if you are wearing regular clothes, you can claim for laundry and cleaning expenses.
  • Protective Gear: Activities like cooking require you to have some protective gear, especially when around kids. And if that’s what you are buying to fulfil your job as a child care worker, ATO allows you to claim a deduction in your next tax return.
  • Self-Education: Self-learning is a part of the growth process in your career that requires effort, time, and money. While you can’t get back that time, you can claim a deduction for money spent learning for certificates, stationery, courses, and travel.

There can be a lot more for you to claim and save tax, where a professional Toongabbie accountant can be of great help.