A training cone is a small, circular, cone-shaped object made from a soft material such as rubber or plastic. They are typically about 2 feet in diameter and have a soft, spongy surface on one end. The cone is used to improve the speed and accuracy of a person's throws or pitches.


Agility Trainer Kit - 12 cones 40cm. With Hole and 6 Poles


Types of training cones

Types of training cones come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them serve the same purpose: to help trainers and athletes improve their performance. Here are four types of cones:

1) Sticks: These are cone-like objects made out of sturdy material, like wood or plastic. They're perfect for throwing or catching because they give you a better angle to aim at.

2) Circles: These are similar to sticks, but they're made out of a softer material. They're great for running because they provide more stability on the ground.

3) Tubes: These are the cone of choice for athletes who want to run fast. They're made out of a strong plastic material and have a narrow opening at one end.

4) Cone Spikes: These are cone-shaped objects that have sharp points on the top. They're great for training dogs to fetch items from a distance. When your dog catches the object, it gets stuck on the spikes, which teaches it how to bring it back without dropping it.

If you're looking for a way to improve your agility and speed while training, training cones may be the solution you're looking for.