East Africa offers the best gorilla tracking tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Western lowland gorillas can be seen in Congo and Rwanda, while mountain gorillas are observed within Uganda as well as Rwanda.

If you are looking for information on where you can see gorillas across Africa then you should look at Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Going on a Uganda gorilla tour is among the most amazing safari experiences . There are just 790 gorillas in Africa and that's an infinite number.

While certain travelers may be slightly shocked by the price of tracking gorillas, which can range between $600.00 up to $750.00 per permit, it is worthwhile as it's the most unforgettable experience of Uganda gorilla tours you've ever had.

uganda gorilla tours

It is suggested to do it twice, as the first time you will not believe what you're experiencing and the majority of people try hard to capture the video and camera experience for an entire hour, the result being that the person will be missed.That's why, for your second visit, it is better to take a break and enjoy your incredible group.

There are six or five groups (depending upon where you can spot your gorilla) and then the trek begins with a new group. The walk always begins with African villages that are inspiring. The beauty of the landscape is breathtaking and children will be with you as you walk, learn their English or just enjoy themselves in other organizations.

In Uganda's instance then, you must traverse through primary forest until you reach your group.The trek can range between an hour and about five or four hours according to the group that you're in and the location you are.