Are you looking for the perfect arrangement for your child's next birthday? Then you're lucky! We researched the first few places and created this handy guide to the best kid-friendly places for kids. Regardless of whether it's your child's 1st, 5th or 13th birthday, we have some ideas for a kid's birthday that you will love. You can also find best birthday party places via

Birthdays for babies: 1-3 years old

You and your guests will remember the first birthday party forever, but the baby may not. It is important to be modest and calm. Even a simple birthday party can be overwhelming for your baby, so the guest list should be small and deadlines short.

Party for small children: 4-10 years old

As your child gets older, you have more options for children's birthdays. All of this is due to the attention and enthusiasm for learning new things in children aged 4 to 10 years. First, make a list of your child's favorite things to do, taking their personality into account. This will help you find the best places to party

Birthdays for older children: 11-16+ years old

For older kids, you can organize a party in any locations. But partygoers are more demanding at this age, so you have to be careful when choosing something that isn't too childish. Coupons for older children tend to be more expensive and can last all day, so plan well.