risk Forest assessment

Let’s jump straight in learning about the different types of forest.

  1. Tropical Forest – Tropical Forest is that type of forest that grows well around the equator. This type of forest is found in the equatorial regions of South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Moreover, the tropical forest is home to the highest diversity of living species. In this type of forest, you can expect a medium to heavy rainfall throughout the year. Due to the rainfall, the temperature remains in the region of 20-25degrees Celsius.
  2. Temperate Forest – The temperate forest is usually found in North America, Europe and Northeastern Asia. One of the features about the temperate forest would be the leaf-shredding types of trees found. This means that the color of the leaves change depending on the season. The temperate forest has 4 seasons comprising of winter as well. When it comes to the temperature, it is in the region of 30-35degrees Celsius which is slightly higher compared to tropical forest.
  3. Boreal Forest – Found in north latitude of 50 to 60degrees, the Boreal forest is found mainly in North America and Eurasia. You will find 2 seasons in the boreal forest which are moist and summer which is mild. The highest temperature in this forest would be 20degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is in the region of -40degrees. The trees that grow in this forest are evergreen comprising of fir, pine and spruce. The animals found in this forest include fox, wolf, woodpecker, hawks, lynx, moose, bats, shrews and bear.

Forest risk assessment is mandatory with all these types of forest.