Caulking is used in more places than you’re probably aware, just take a look!

  • On the roof, look at gutter corners, seams, downspouts, and end caps

  • Openings, gaps, and cracks in siding, stucco, masonry, or your foundation forms

  • Where different types of building materials meet, such as wood siding against the brick. If you are someone who is facing caulking issues in your building or home, then it would be helpful to get help from experienced caulking companies in Omaha via 

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  • Where wood siding forms corner joints or meets corner trim

  • Where window and door frames meet wood siding on an exterior wall

  • Where the backsplash meets the counter and wall

  • Around the sink, where it meets the countertop

  • Where the tub or shower meets the surround, the wall, and the floor – if the surround is more than one piece, the corners may also need to be caulked

  • Holes where the plumbing comes through the wall or floor – will often be covered by decorative plates, so check to make sure they were caulked

  • Some people like to caulk around the bottom of toilets, but if the toilet seal fails, this will trap the water under the toilet and cause the floor to rot

  • Where trim such as crown molding, chair rails, and baseboards meet walls, floors, and ceilings – this includes door and window casings that lie flat against the wall

  • Where two pieces of molding come together in a long wall and at the corners

  • In older homes, you may need to caulk where the wall and ceiling meet