You may have been to a number of wine tasting parties involving wine and wine experts who spend a lot of money. It's not the type of party you want, especially if you just started in the wine world. The good news is that you can really host the beautiful wine tasting event in your own home without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In fact, you can host the perfect party without having to spend more than fifty dollars. How did you do that? You can consider the wset studies for tasting wines professionally.

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  • Limit a bottle of wine to 20

When inviting guests to your party, try to limit the number of bottles of wine to twenty. Having more bottles certainly will make you consume more time. If you have a friend's partner who attended the party, let them know that every couple just had to carry a bottle. You can also divide the group and set which group will bring which type of wine.

  • List of bottles of wine as soon as guests arrive

Set someone to receive a bottle and register immediately after the guest arrives. On the registration sheet, write and the type of wine opposite the name of the person carrying it.

  • Wrap a bottle of wine with an empty wine bag

Guests should not be able to see the bottle so make sure you cover it with a paper bag. Just give a bag label with "R" plus a certain number for red wine, and "W" plus numbers for white skin.