There are only a few real fire and water remediation companies that can offer a wide range of services related to flood cleaning, fire remediation, and mildew removal. They have industrial-grade equipment and professional equipment which they use daily in emergencies like water damage.

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There are several competitors for the water damage company. These competitors are divided into several types of restoration service providers:

Internet marketing company for water damage

Most of the recovery companies you can find online are marketing companies that will then sell your cleaning and restoration work to subcontractors you've never met. 

When there is a high demand for cleaning services, such as frozen and leaking pipes, leaky boilers, or rain and flood damage, these marketing companies will call anyone who says they can water, clean, and repair the water to get your job done.

National water damage repair franchise

Another type of competitor for water disposal and repair is a large restoration franchise with few connections. They don't have the full range of fire, water, and restoration services and usually have staff who are new to the home remodeling industry.

Very often, real fire and water companies are asked to carry out repairs that restoration franchisees have started. These companies help you.