Drinking coffee can sometimes seem like an environmental crime, given all the talk about coffee cups that cause waste. The negative perceptions of paper cups are slowly changing thanks to eco-friendly paper cups. This paper cup is made from plant-based films, which are more eco-friendly than plastic coatings. You can purchase the best biodegradable paper cups at ecoengros.no/.

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However, most people are still not sure how sustainable the biodegradable cup will be. This article will explore the environmental and health benefits of biodegradable paper cups.  

Marine life is safer

Existing plastics in the oceans have caused huge marine life loss. Studies have shown that plastic coffee cups are more likely to be lost in the oceans than previously thought. Biodegradable cups made of paper may prove to be less dangerous for marine life.  

Less Waste

To reduce waste and pressure on landfills, biodegradable paper cups were introduced. The rise in coffee consumption has led to an increase in landfill waste. The waste generated by the coffee consumption of over 95 million cups per person each day can be overwhelming.

Bio cups are recyclable or compostable, unlike plastics and Styrofoam. This allows paper cups to be transformed into useful materials. This reduces the number of coffee cups that end up in landfills and oceans. This encourages waste reduction.