The energy that living things produce is produced by three types of molecules: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Here carbs, ie. Glucose is priority, energy is usually generated by this method, but the ketogenic diet reverses it and the energy produced by the oxidation of fat cells so that our body loses fat faster and our blood has low insulin levels with that they are very safe in diabetics, can not increase insulin spikes. You can also find the best keto diet food plan delivery service in Dubai from Fitbar.

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The main source of energy for all of us is carbohydrates. Once carbohydrates are broken down in the body, glucose is formed and the oxidation of glucose gives us energy. Excess glucose is stored in the form of glycogen in both muscles and body tissues, then used by the body, the next source of energy is fat cells, then fat cells are used for energy and oxidation is processed in the liver.

In this state the body's metabolism is shifted by the brain, too much fat oxidation and this continuous process of oxidation and this process is also called ketosis because that is where ketone bodies are formed and this stage is called the keto state.

The body's metabolism changes in the body, this is called ketosis and it is during this digestion that ketone bodies are formed in the liver and are the main source of vitality. Fat cells burn faster and weight loss is faster during this phase, but we need to follow certain precautions during the keto phase as some of the effects are also visible.