Most e-commerce businesses are surprised by how small the cost of third-party deployment is, especially when compared to the costs they have incurred on product storage, packaging, and shipping. Outsourcing is inexpensive and allows you to convert variable costs into fixed costs.

If you compare the total cost of doing the job, i. H. Maintenance of inventory, rent payments, personnel, benefits, unemployment tax, insurance, etc. With the supplier's fixed cost model for retail achievement in Canada, you can quickly see that changes save money.

When Does it Make Sense for a Business to Use a Retail Fulfillment House?

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Minimizing mistakes will save you money

If there are only minor mistakes in order execution, you could lose a significant amount of repeat business. A high-quality order fulfillment company will satisfy customers, which leads to repeat business.

Are you looking to expand your reach?

The execution house is ideal for companies looking to sell products overseas as they have the expertise to ensure your products arrive on time and safely. If you want to expand your company's customer base by offering your customers more alternatives to ordering products and paying, don't add to your overhead, but outsource the implementation process.

Wholesale or business orders to business orders

As your business grows, contractors can process your wholesale. Wholesale orders from major retailers, catalogs, and other bulk distributors have different requirements from business orders to consumer orders.

The number of orders was enormous and sudden

If you are considering adding a new sales funnel or launching a major new promotion, you should be prepared for the possibility of thousands of new orders overnight. Big increases in order can overwhelm your background system.