If you live in an area that receives a hail from time to time, then you will be interested in knowing how to detect hail roof damage to claim it with your insurance company. It is not easy to detect hail roof damage unless a professional looks at the roof. Here are some of the spots that you need to check for damages due to hail.

Gutters And Vents

You should check the gutter downspouts and vents for signs of damages. You can begin with a visual inspection of these areas after a hailstorm.


If your roof has asphalt shingles, then you should check for asphalt granules because those are knocked off most often than not after a hailstorm. If there are more than usual asphalt granules, then you should consult a roofer.


If the hailstorm has caused a dent in the metal gutters, then the hailstorm was strong enough to damage the roof.

Walk Your Roof

Only if it is safe to do so, you should walk on the roof to check the little dings. If there are damages to the roof, then repair the roof, or else, the moisture will cause the shingles to deteriorate and makes way for the water to sneak into your home.

Hire a professional roofer to detect and fix the damages to the roof.