course online fatigue management

Fatigue does not cause workers to feel more tired, but it also reduces productivity and enhances the risk of accidents and injuries. Experts say that spending 17 hours awake is equivalent to having a blood-alcohol level of 0.05, and 24 about a week is equal to a blood alcohol level of 0.10. It would help if you never allowed an employee to operate heavy machinery with that much alcohol in the system and often fatigue workers engaged in problematic or hazardous serious work. In the context of safety and health, fatigue refers to mental or physical exhaustion that reduces your capacity to perform safely and effectively.

How can you tell if a worker is fatigued?

Under fatigue management course online, you can learn to understand how to tell if a worker is tired or not.

Tired or sleepiness

Drooping heads yawning and eyelids that seem to be closing are one of the most critical indicators of data worker fatigue and need time to recover before any costly errors happen.


Workers can be writable for several reasons like problems at home, financial stress, conflict with coworkers, etc. It might also be the reason for lack of rest, and it's a great idea to watch for patterns or irritability in any newly developed lousy attitude, especially when combined with other signs.

Reduced alertness

You must watch for workers who appear to have trouble focusing or cannot recall seemingly simple things. Having difficulty solving issues can also be an indicator of fatigue.