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It’s always a good idea to be responsible about using resources, especially when such resources involve money and nature. You can start with the little things that count for a lot in the long run. One such example is using low-flow showerheads, which are alternatively referred to as water-saving showerheads.

When using traditional showerheads, you can use up to four gallons of water per minute of showering on average. Thus, a quick five-minute bath consumes a whopping twenty gallons of water.

That’s a lot of waste considering how the water usage can be lessened without sacrificing the quality of the showers you get by just using via

Evolve™ Showerhead - ShowerStart™ Technology - Water Matrix

Say you are using a conventional showerhead that delivers water at four gallons per minute (gpm) and you switch to a water-saving showerhead with water flow around 1.75 gpm. That’s a difference of 2.25 gallons per minute! When added up, this makes a significant impact on water conservation, and more importantly, on your monthly water bills.

If you’re using older models of traditional showerheads, you may be wasting as much as 5 to 8 gallons per minute. Imagine your expenses if you’re shouldering the bills for your family’s water usage.

Why Go For High Efficiency Toilet?

Whether you are operating at home or business, installing high-efficiency toilets make sense. These fixtures so necessary for hygiene can do a better-than-average flushing job while using the minimal amount of water necessary. You just need to know what to look for when you are shopping to make sure you are getting the performance you need. You can get the best high efficiency toilet:

Products - Water Matrix

MaP And WaterSense Ratings

Why you need a high-efficiency toilet? A toilet can use as much as 40% of your homeowner bill even when it is operating correctly.

Older toilets use more water in routine flushes and may have frequent clogs that need multiple flushes to clean the bowl or tend to overflow. Extra flushes plus overflows and leaks, will cause you to use more water. Installing a high-efficiency model commode can save you water and cut your bill by 25% or more when you factor in water waste.

In the US, the federal government has had regulations in place since 1994 that toilets can use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) in comparison to 4.5 GPF that was the norm before 1980 or the 3.5 GPF for those made between 1980-1994.

Consumers complained that early models did not do the job in one flush, but manufacturers have improved their design so that the lower amount of water is enough.

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