A Learning Management System, also known as an online classroom platform, is a web-based tool that allows schools, colleges, and universities to remotely track and monitor large amounts of information.

The leading LMS implementation consultant can assess your organization’s training needs, evaluate the current status of employee learning and development efforts, and help outline goals for the organization. 

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The main aim of the Learning Management System is to enable the person managing the system to make effective decisions and to provide clear communication across all aspects of a business.

Online Classroom Platforms are used in the workplace to track employee performance. This allows the person managing the system to determine whether the employee has achieved his goals and identify areas in which improvements need to be made. 

Learning Management Systems can be designed to support the goals of the organization, but it is often up to the person managing them to decide how best to achieve their goals. 

For example, a Learning Management System may be designed to track the success rates of newly hired employees so that the company can identify areas in which they are excelling and areas where they may need improvement. This system can also provide information on the effectiveness of a company's management approach.