Finding the right secondary school for your son or daughter can be a difficult process. It may be straightforward, you may be lucky that you have an elementary school that acts as a feeder school and all the details are arranged for you, but if it is not, what if you have to Need to make your own arrangements and do your own research. Where do you start and what can you do to help yourself?

1. Keep an open mind – When you start searching for secondary schools it is really important that you keep an open mind. You may have preconceived notions about certain schools, depending on their reputation, the children you know they currently attend, or the quality of their sports teams.

The first thing to remember is that none of these assumptions matter. What matters is that your child gets the best possible education and to do that you need to start with an open mind and consider all the options. Don't discount anything from the start! Visit premium private schools in Toowoomba through

2. Talk to the Elementary School – The next step in your search for secondary schools should be to consult with your child's primary school. They may already have schools their children are recommended to attend, but even if these are not on your list of options (you may be leaving the area or considering an independent school) your primary school will help you. It is their only job to admit children at an early age, and prepare them for the next stage of their education, so they will always help you in your search for secondary school.

3. Go to as many schools as you can – actively go and look for a secondary school. It sounds clear to hear, but few people take advantage of it. All secondary schools have open days or open evenings, and even if you can't make it to one, contact the schools and make your own arrangements, they will always be happy to see you if you apply to go there. are considering.

Finding a secondary school may seem like a lonely process, but it doesn't have to be – talk to others, talk to your kids, talk to their current elementary school – there's more advice available than you might think!