SEO means "search engine optimization". But what does that mean? What do search engine marketing companies do? By looking at the basics, you can understand what SEO companies do and determine if you need one.

What is an SEO company?

One of the first things a search engine marketing company does is review your content. By analyzing the topics covered in your web copy, the SEO company will determine which keywords are best for your website. You can look for the best SEO marketing companies at

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You can then edit or even rewrite your web copy from scratch to take advantage of those optimal keywords. A search engine marketing company knows that the right words on your page are the first step in increasing your search engine ranking.

Search engine marketing companies can get rid of cluttered code if need be. Moreover, the SEO company can then examine the architecture of your website: the layout of the website. In order for your website to rank highly, search engine marketing companies can optimize it and ensure that it is easy to use and easy to read for the search engines you want.

Throwing your website on every wall of search engines and checking for matches is an ineffective, and often ineffective, way to get listed in directories. Web 2.0 is fast becoming the most popular form of online marketing. But who has time to sit down and get involved? SEO companies do it. You can post your website to social networks and drive traffic through this website.