Waffle board is becoming increasingly popular in construction projects because it can be transported to the construction site in a number of ways including: pre-fabricated, pre-fabricated, or cast on site.

1. Waffle pod slab systems are usually suitable for flat surfaces.

2. Reinforcement on waffle sheets is available in the form of individual mats or bars.

3. The waffle plate does not require a separate trench for the beams.

4. The bottom of the plate looks like a waffle obtained with the help of cardboard sheets, pods and much more.

5. The recommended wafer plate thickness is 85 to 100 mm, while the total plate depth is limited to 300 to 600 mm.

6. The width of the bars or ribs provided in the wafer plate is usually 110 to 200 mm.

7. And the recommended rib spacing is 600 to 1500.

8. Reinforced waffle irons can be designed for a reach of up to 16 meters, while ready-made waffle irons are better in length.

9. Waffle sheets are good against shrinkage and are inferior to hard rafts and floor panels.

10. Waffle sheets require only 70% concrete and 80% steel to use concrete and steel for hardened rafts.

The construction process involves building a system of concrete slabs supported by pillars. The monolithic cast concrete forms the flat top, while the rectangular lattice at the bottom forms the deep concrete blocks, like waffle-like pockets, spread out at right angles.