Trace elements provide essential nutrients required for various metabolic functions such as growth, development, reproduction, and immunity.

Zinc (Zn) is a trace element that is involved in various biological functions compared to other micro-minerals. It is a very important multifunctional element needed for the health, production, and reproduction of pigs. If you are looking for comparison of zinc sources for piglet diets  then you can search the web.

zinc sources for piglet diets

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Among the most important micro minerals, zinc (Zn) is required for the synthesis and metabolic function of nearly 300 biochemical enzymes and is considered essential for cell division and DNA synthesis, and protein synthesis. 

In addition, Zn is not widely distributed in the body and requires a continuous supply of food, especially in pigs, because pork diets mainly consist of cereals, which contain large amounts of phytases that bind Zn and form insoluble minerals chelates absorbed in the intestine. 

 Currently, the addition of Zn in pharmacological doses (2000-3000 ppm) in the form of zinc oxide is practiced in pig farms, which helps reduce the incidence of post-weaning scouring, increases the average daily weight gain, and develops better disease resistance. 

Therefore, researchers pay more attention to mineral nutrition, especially Zn. The following sections specifically describe the role of the biological Zn system, in particular in relation to pig health.

The Zn diet promotes animal growth by activating various enzyme systems that are essential for cell division and multiplication.