Finding the best home water purifier system can be a really tough job. There are so many different types and brands of purifiers out there, what does one look for before buying one?

This small checklist can help solve this problem of choosing a quality purifier –

Check the technology used in the filter

The technique of filtration being used will play an important part in determining the best home water purifier system. Old hat technologies like Reverse Osmosis and Distillation just don't cut it anymore. You can also visit to find the latest water purifiers.

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You need a purifier based on cutting-edge technologies like Ion Exchange and Sub Micron filtration, combined with the tried and tested method of Carbon Filtration. This combination makes for very effective protection against all possible impurities present in tap water.

Is the purifier capable of removing chemicals?

The biggest threat to your health from tap water comes from the dozens of kinds of chemicals present in it. Fertilizers runoff, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, and the ever-present chlorine – these can all be found in your drinking water supply and can cause deadly diseases like cancer.

Distillers also cannot remove easily vaporizable chemicals like chlorine. That's why the best home water purifier system will use technologies like Sub Micron filtration to remove these dangerous chemicals from the water.

Evaluate these points too as they will give you an idea of the running costs associated with the purifier.