Women have unique concerns about their health and safety while traveling the world, and so while traveling, we want to be sure where we choose to stay is safe. When it comes to choosing hotels, we aim to help you save hours of scrolling and review-reading by providing a list of safe, verified properties.

We always recommend you book your first night’s stay in a new city ahead of time, and then leave your itinerary open from there for suggestions. You can also book the best western plus – marina shores hotel in Dana Point, California.

Here are some of our iron-clad tips on finding the best hotel:

Start with Location

Once you know the area you'd most like to live in or explore, start writing about the neighborhood you want. This is where you find the sweet spot: accommodation options within your budget with as many benefits as possible.

Read the reviews

Before booking, take the time to read hotel reviews – don't just look at the stars. Look specifically for reviews of women traveling alone – booking.com offers this functionality. We can't stress its importance enough: take the time to read the reviews!

Book the right room

Most accommodations have several different room types and the ability to add notes to your booking. For safety reasons, we recommend that women traveling alone request a room that is not on the ground floor. We also recommend booking rooms at properties that offer things like safes in every room, 24-hour check-in, and CCTV.