Cancer is a disease that is becoming all too well-known and has affected hundreds of patients. There are a variety of kinds of cancer. The most common kinds include liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.

Of those, colon cancer, sometimes known as colorectal cancer is the most well-known. According to the statistics on health, one out of 17 individuals who are within the United States only will be diagnosed with colon cancer. It is regarded as the third most frequent cancer that men are diagnosed with. Visit sites like, to learn about colon cancer types.

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What makes this so fatal is the difficulty it is to identify it in its early stages. There are a variety of different types of it which will impact on a person in different ways. Certain types are more severe than others, and when they aren't detected at an early stage, there isn't any hope of cure for the sufferer.


This is the most common kind of colon cancer which can begin in the patient's glands. It has two distinct subtypes which include: signet ring cell and Mutinous. 90-95 percent of those confirmed to have colon cancer suffer from the adenocarcinomas form.


This kind of cancer begins in the smooth muscle located in the colon. A mere 2 percent of those who suffer from colon cancer are diagnosed with this kind of cancer. Also, they have a higher likelihood of regaining their health.


Lymphomas is a very rare form that usually begins in the rectum prior to moving on into the colon. It is possible for them to begin elsewhere on the body. If this happens, the cancer will have a greater chance of spreading to the colon, before moving towards the rectum an earlier speed.