When you provide training to your employees. You must know how effective it has been. Do your employees put their knowledge into action? Is it positively impacting their job and the larger company?

Kirkpatrick's four-level learning evaluation model can help you in answering questions You can utilize it to evaluate the effect of training and work out what your team members benefited from the training and also enhance their training in the future. The Kirkpatrick training model  is beneficial for employees to train easily.

kirkpatrick training model, kirkpatrick training model

There are four different levels:

  • Level 1-Reaction: It is your goal to make people believe that the training was valuable. The ability to measure how engaged they were as well as how much they actively participated in the training, and how they reacted to the training will help you to determine the extent to which they took it in. 

  • Level 2-Learning: It is focused on assessing what your students know but hasn't yet learned. The New World version of the tool, it assesses what they believe they'll be able to accomplish differently as a result of this, the degree of confidence they have that they'll be able to do it, and how eager they are to change their behavior.

  • Level 3-Behavior: This will help you know how people use their knowledge. It also can reveal areas where individuals may need assistance. However, the behavior will be altered only when situations are favorable.

  • Level 4-Results: At this point, you review the end outcomes of your training. This includes results that you and your organization have determined to be beneficial for the company and beneficial for the team members you work with, and that demonstrate a high ROI.