Community engagement is a very general term that can have very different meanings depending on the context, organization, or industry." Engagement " also means different things in the industry.

Community engagement is a broad term that includes interactions between the council, the parish in Latrobe City (which may be another city or location or group of people with a common interest or identity), and other stakeholders. 

Community involvement enables community members to actively contribute to council conclusions and activities by creating an inclusive environment in which community feedback is considered, and implemented. 

community engagement

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It serves as a response to growing public concern about low levels of trust in government and responds to growing expectations that all levels of government are responsive to society and accountable for service levels and costs. 

Community engagement is also about working with the community to gain access to a wider range of solutions. The collective wisdom of the fellowship can help the council realize our vision and aspirations for the fellowship. 

The definition of community engagement by local government differs from other definitions suggesting that there is more emphasis on reciprocal processes and/or the role of community involvement in areas other than planning and decision-making.

This is not just about sharing information or hearing opinions through research or focus groups, it is about working with the community to involve them in joint decisions.

This inevitably leads to empowerment that cannot be given to the community, but something that can happen when conditions are favorable for its formation.