Are you a long-term user of your computer screen? Are your eyes burning or itchy? Dry eye syndrome could be a possibility. Dry eye syndrome is sometimes called "computer eye syndrome". Insufficient tear production can cause dry eyes. 

Dysfunctional tear syndrome is more common in older people, but doctors are increasingly seeing younger patients because of their increased computer use. We will discuss the possible causes and treatments for dry eyes syndrome in this article.


Dry eyes are caused by dry air from heating and air conditioning. Dry air can dry out your eyes and cause irritation. This is because you don't have enough tearing.

Dry eyes syndrome is more common in women who are going through menopause, and especially in those with dry eyes. Up to 10 million Americans are thought to have dry eyes. Over the past ten years, this number has more than doubled. 

This is more likely because of heavy computer use. Accountants, software engineers, customer service representatives, and assistants are high-risk careers that could lead to dry eyes.

Some symptoms include:

* Eye Fatigue or Redness

* Feel the sand in your eyes

* A burning sensation in your eyes

What can I do to treat my dry eyes?

To keep your eyes healthy, you can try buying "artificial tears", which are over-the-counter. If this does not work, your eye doctor will recommend you visit. Most likely, they will recommend a topical steroid for your eyes. This is the first step to treating dry eyes.

Your doctor might recommend a plug to your tear duct if you have vision problems or are suffering from infections. They act by causing more tears in your eyes. This can only be done in extreme cases.