Draw forming is a complex process that requires precision and accuracy, particularly in the aerospace and medical industries. Beck wood's multi-action customizable deep draw presses and Triform sheet hydroforming presses have been trusted by manufacturers for almost 50 years.

You can customize your draw-forming application by changing the size of your bed, stroke, speed, tonnage, and other parameters. Also, you get more information about deep draw press by browsing this site.

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The most common draw-forming applications require a punch to be mounted on the press bed. The blank material is then supported on the draw circle by the cushion. The cushion pulls down when the upper tool touches the blank. This forms the material above the stationary punch.

Beck Wood's dynamic cushion control gives the operator total control over material flow and allows for tonnage adjustments during the entire draw process.

Another great option for large-sized sheet metal parts is the triple-action press. A typical triple-action deep drawing press has a punch or other forming tool on one side, and a clamp arm at the middle. On the bottom, there is a knockout and/or bed cushion.

To control material flow, reduce wrinkling, and decrease tearing, the clamping ram is engaged during the forming process. The lower ram can be used as either a knockout or cushion depending on the tooling requirements.

Beck Wood offers a variety of draw-forming press features that will improve the overall process, including:

  • Dynamically controlled bed pillows
  • Programmable ram speed
  • Ejection/knockout options for ram and bed
  • Tool Change Systems
  • Recipe functionality
  • Triform's proprietary "In-Sight” feature allows for part development
  • Data Acquisition
  • PAM-STAMP 3D Forging Simulation Software