When a patient requires oral restoration, there are many techniques to choose from, including dental implants. Some patients even require a full recovery process that includes several interventions. There are a number of problems that can cause damage to the structure of the mouth in the teeth, gums, jawbone and mouth. If you’re looking for more information about restoration techniques check this out.

Some examples of Dental Implants & Restoration Techniques :

Grinding of teeth: Many people grind their teeth when under stress. This is common especially at night and can cause pain and erosion.

Acid reflux: The acid that the human body uses for digestion can erode the teeth and delicate tissues in the throat and mouth. This can erode and seriously damage the surface finish.

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Eating problem foods or drinks: Some foods and drinks are harmful, including sweet and sugary liquids, sticky cakes, and those that damage or damage tooth enamel. Babies who are bottle-fed while sleeping tend to have a "bottle mouth," which is one of those shapes.

Accidents or Injuries: Car accidents, sporting events, and physical attacks can result in the loss of teeth and a deformed mouth.

Tooth decay: If tooth decay and disease are not treated, structure loss and gingivitis can occur.

Smoking: Smoking can cause bone loss in the jaw and damage to the structure of the mouth.

An misalignment that causes extreme discomfort: the wrong bite can cause jaw pain, headaches and other problems.

Tooth loss: when a person loses one or more oral structures, it causes the surrounding area to collapse inward.