You may be a little suspicious when buying a used car from a local used car dealer. Or maybe you're just nervous and anxious about buying a car someone's driven before because you've heard other people's horror stories. Either way, you can feel more confident about buying a used car if you know how to shop the right way.

1. Create a budget

Before you even start looking for a vehicle, you need to know how much you need to spend. You don't want to buy a car that is outside your price range just to complete the car buying process. In addition, it helps you understand what types of vehicles are within your reach. When setting your budget, be sure to consider whether you qualify or want a loan.

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2. Make your choice

Visit a used car dealer in your area. You may want to browse through several retailers and choose which one you like. Feel free to make a list and write down the pros and cons of each. You might want to get your smartphone out or go home and research what it costs for the same year, model, and brand.

3. View Vehicle History Report

You wouldn't buy a house without knowing something about it, would you? Why buy a car without knowing anything about it? Look at the history of any vehicle you are considering to see if they have been in an accident or what happened to them.

4. Test it

Never buy a used vehicle without testing it first. You're only preparing for disaster if you don't pick up the spinning wheel before taking it home. During this process, you will learn whether you like how it works and whether it is right for you.

You can also specify the conditions. Drive at least 65 miles per hour if you drive a lot on the freeway. Those who frequently climb mountains may wish to hike up the steep slopes by car.